Pat Dean

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The Apt Pupil

This is Pat. Pat wants answers. Since he can remember, Pat has always wondered what it all means. Why are we here? What is our purpose? What's going on? But whenever he tried to read books about it, he got sleepy and gave up.

For years, the questions of philosophy have mystified him. As if the whole universe is winking at him but he doesn't get the joke. All we wants to do is wink back.

That's where Ben comes in. 


Ben Cholok


The Desperate Tutor

This is Ben. Ben went to Princeton and majored in philosophy. He even wrote a thesis and everything. But once he graduated, he accomplished nothing for 10 years, because majoring in philosophy is a stupid thing to do.

Ben craves validation. He's desperate to prove that his absurdly expensive degree is worth something. Ben's not good at doing anything, so those who can't do, teach.

That's where Pat comes in.