well this is a story all about how...

Pat tricked Ben into starting a podcast. Pat is a comedian and writer based out of Austin, TX. Recently diagnosed with diabetes, Pat has grown more reflective about his life and is seeking answers to those deeper questions one considers when faced with the inevitable, sugary march of death. He wants to learn more about philosophy but doesn't know where to start.

Luckily, Pat's lifelong friend Ben is a smug prick who majored in philosophy at an Ivy League school (with nothing to show for it). Ben has meandered through the past decade with no real direction or purpose to his life, so Pat takes pity on him and gives him something to do: a podcast with his best bud!

Each week, Pat picks a topic in philosophy that he wants to learn about and Ben has one hour to explain it to him. Will Pat learn anything? Tune in to find out!

Learn something